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The King Lakes Community Clubhouse (located at 25615 Northlight Lane Katy, Texas) is available to rent for private parties on a first come, first served basis.

Unless otherwise determined by the HOA Board, each user shall be required to pay in advance by separate checks a fee of $30 for a two (2) hour block rental and $10 per hour thereafter, and a security deposit of $250.

Clubhouse Rental Request and Agreement Form
To book the Clubhouse, you’ll need to submit a reservation request by clicking here
AND fill out and submit this Clubhouse Rental Agreement

Clubhouse Etiquette
You are responsible for Cleaning the Clubhouse after use. The Homeowner’s Association does not employ a regular cleaning service. Please leave the Clubhouse in as good as or better condition than when you came.
A few simple rules:
  • No Smoking or tobacco use is ever allowed inside the Clubhouse or its restrooms.
  • No Food must be left on the premises – take it all home.
  • No Trash must be left – you have to take it home with you in a garbage bag.
  • Kitchen & Bathrooms- appliances, counters, sinks, floors & toilets must be cleaned.
  • Carpet must be swept or vacuumed thoroughly to remove all debris.
  • Tables and Chairs must be cleaned.
  • Doors must be locked after you leave.
  • All events must end by 10:00 P.M.
Failure to comply with any one rule may result in $50 (minimum) be taken from your Security Deposit.
  • Kitchen Appliances – Turn off all kitchen appliances after use and clean before leaving.
  • Air Conditioning – When Clubhouse not in use, set the thermostat 90°F, except in winter months, when the thermostat should be set at 60°F.
  • Lights – Turn off lights when Clubhouse not in use.
Clubhouse Concerns or Issues
Please report any damage or problems to Graham Management at 713-334-8000